Introducing the

UNIGLOBE Travel Companion

mobile app.

Simplify your entire travel experience! As a UNIGLOBE customer, you can access all of your trip information in one convenient place.

Application Uniglobe Travel

Real Time Itineraries

With itinerary information at your fingertips, your travel will be easier than ever. The itinerary display was designed for travellers, by travellers.


Never search through your email to access your travel itineraries again. Simply open the app and your trip details are all in one place that can be accessed anytime.


Air, car, hotel, and other travel types all integrated into itinerary

Application Uniglobe Travel

The Travel details you need most, with none of the unnecessary information. We’ve designed the display to make it easy for you access your complete itinerary.

Application Uniglobe Travel



Never search through your email to access your travel itineraries again. Simply open the app and your trip details are all in one place that can be accessed anytime.


Stay up to date on the latest Travel News.


All the contact info you need to reach your UNIGLOBE agent!


Have some time? Browse over 125 locations worldwide in our Destination Guide.


Mobile check-in links for most major airlines.


App Data is stored locally to reduce data roaming costs.


Do I need to be a UNIGLOBE Travel customer to use the app?

No. Anyone can use the app for free. However, only UNIGLOBE Travel customers will have their itineraries loaded into the app for them. If you don’t use UNIGLOBE Travel and would like to, please contact one of our locations.

How do I set up the app?

Load the app from the app store. When you open it, you will be prompted to register. Use the email address that your UNIGLOBE Travel agency has on file for you; this is how we confirm which itineraries to display to you. Once you have completed registeration process, you’ll see a list of your upcoming itineraries and have access to the Destination Guide, Travel News, and other app features.

Do I need to enter a code in order to retrieve my itineraries?

No. Once you have registered in the app, your itineraries will be loaded automatically. No need to remember record locators, booking reference numbers or any other such codes.

The trips all appear as “Trip to CITYNAME”. Can I change a trip name?

Yes. On the itineraries screen, there is a pencil icon next to each trip name. Tap that and you can edit the name of upcoming trips. Label it as “Sales Trip” or “Annual Conference in LA” or anything you like to better identify each trip in the list.

I need to change my itinerary. How do I do that?

Please contact your UNIGLOBE Travel location in order to make changes to your itinerary. At the bottom of each itinerary, we provide the contact details of your UNIGLOBE Travel office, along with the record locator the agent will use to quickly retrieve that trip. We also have a Contact Us button on the main screen of the app with full details for reaching your UNIGLOBE Travel office.

I need to check in for my flight. Can I do that from my itinerary?

Yes, you are able to check in through the app for most major airlines. The link to check in will be displayed according to the airline’s check-in time guidelines.

I’ve got another question or suggestion regarding the app. Who can I contact?

If its about the app functionality, feel free to contact us at Otherwise talk to your UNIGLOBE Travel office about trip-specific questions.